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Kevin Suter is a highly sought-after business leader and a respected ministry leader with over 15 years of experience traveling and speaking in countries around the world. Over the course of those years, Kevin has built up a reputation for not only growing businesses 5x-10x, but for reinvigorating, restructuring, and redefining his clients' definition of business. He takes management, web presence, and branding to levels never imagined.


Currently, Kevin is the CEO of The Suter Group, a consulting and technology company dedicated to growing businesses and nonprofits built from the ground up. Prior to launching The Suter Group, Kevin worked at Merrill Lynch and with The Strength Team (A world-renowned ministry), where he learned from some of the best in the industry as a financial advisor, which he used, in turn, to develop countless growth opportunities for nonprofits & businesses nationwide.


Kevin is a technology creator and serial entrepreneur, starting multiple companies and developing management tools to assist businesses in their expansion and overall success. From simple business automation tools to creating entire management platforms for companies to use and thrive with, Kevin has sown his core beliefs into each product or service he's created. ​

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Kevin has been helping start businesses for the last 15 years. Even helping in the cold calling and training systems for Teles Properties, a company that was sold for 3.4 Billion dollars after 5 years. He has the knowledge and experience to get you off the ground and on your way to prosperity.

Kevin has taken companies from losing money every month to over 100k on the books in a matter of 90 days. Kevin has been able to develop creative marketing and canvassing plans for businesses of any size. Kevin's program is the best way to guarantee more sales in your company.

Kevin has been in 48 states and 5 countries as a keynote speaker on the topic of leadership and character development. Kevin has spoken in more than 2500 public schools nationwide and is considered one of the top leadership coaches in America.


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